Top 10 Hottest Cartoon Men

Today I am performing the noble deed of ordering the hottest leading cartoons from the Disney classics. For parameters, I’m discarding all Pixar-esque or real life films. Although Buzz is fantastic. And JTT’s character in “Tom and Huck” gets an honorable mention.

Okay, here we go.

“I use antlers in all of my DECorating!”

10. GastonBeauty and the Beast. I realize he is enemy number one in this film, but who can deny that every last inch of him covered with hair? He is one beautiful brute of a man. I could totally be one of those ding-dong triplet barmaids that are fawning over him in his big solo scene….

9. BeastBeauty and the Beast. I’m putting him in a higher rank than Gaston. He was funny and charming, and had morals, and decided to die for the woman he loved, which is what broke his spell. And he gave Belle a library for a present? That would win me over in a HEARTBEAT. Best scene – when they’re feeding the birds and Belle looks over and he is covered with birdies. But honestly, for me, Beast as beast was such a badass that when he turned into the human, I was disappointed. I loved Beast beyond his hideous outside. And when you got him in a suit and with some training in manners, he wasn’t that bad. I didn’t dig the blonde surfer locks on his human form. He looked like a wimp. Beast as beast all the way. Disregard the fact that he kidnaps Belle.

he works out.
he works out.

8. ShangMulan. Wow. I would LOVE to “make a man out of you.” heh heh. Again, the shirtless scenes, the moments of raw emotion, the natural born leader, the warrior with the heart of gold. He is haht.

You are sassy and I LIKE IT.

7. DmitriAnastacia. Technically a Fox film, I believe. But I LOVE this movie. John Cusack, the hottie of all emotional wreck hotties, voices this ragamuffin character who falls for Meg Ryan’s Anastacia. He’s tall, dark, handsome, quick-witted, and a risk. In the end, he turns down the monetary reward he’d been after the whole time? Gives Angela Lansbury the feels? I love it.

6. David – Lilo and Stitch. Is it the cute pidgin he speaks? The way he’s super in love with Lilo’s older sister but keeps fumbling? Or the fact that he’s shirtless the entire film? I don’t know, but its working for me. Also

look at him look at Nani looking at Lilo! Adorbs.
look at him look at Nani looking at Lilo! Adorbs.

I love that he is constantly and consistently supportive of the struggles in their lives, and never pressures Nani into anything when she says she can’t date at the moment.

5. SimbaI clearly have feelings for him. And possibly some issues to work out.

4. EricThe Little Mermaid – First, he’s classically handsome. Second, he’s got a really cute dog. Third, he knows how to plan a fantastic first date (horse-drawn carriage, lagoon kayak, Sebastian singing in the background). And Fourth, he plays the flute. Kinda girly, kinda hot. Winner.

come here you big dork lemme high five you
come here you big dork lemme high five you

3. Aladdin– oh, my sweet ruffian. Why don’t the homeless guys who live around me sport the vest over chiseled chest and abs? He’s also got like a penthouse with the sweetest view ever. Its a little incongruent with his lifestyle. And pet monkeys are nasty.


But he’s dreamy.

2. Prince PhillipSleeping Beauty. He is dreeeeamy. In every sense of the word. He can ride horses, sing, dance, stab mean dragon witches in the heart. He also follows his heart and stands up to his parents when they are being unreasonable. He is just fantastic.

And the winner is…..

such a flirt! loves it.

1. RobinRobin Hood. Okay. OKAY. I know he is technically a fox, but he is a foxy fox! That accent, robbing the rich to feed the poor, clever costumes (i LOVE costumes!) and a sense of humor and adventure! He plays the violin and has never given up on his childhood love. And he loves camping. We share a lot of the same values. I think it would be a really great relationship. If that sissy Maid Marian would get out of the way . . .

I can’t believe I landed on a fox at the top of this post.

Honorable mentions…

Hercules, Tarzan, Eric (the dad from 101 Dalmations), and I have a weird crush on the tiny mouse in “The Rescuers.” I think because I love Bob Newheart.

Anyone I missed?


This post originally appeared on my personal blog, Sunglasses Always Fit, and can be found here.


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