Toy Story

toy storyToy Story: Original Film

The short story: This is one of those laugh out loud films that has a bit of everything – action, comedy, memorable lines, great color and what was stunning animation for it’s time, and serious themes; friendship, what it means to grow up, bullying. If you have never seen this movie, or it’s been a while, get on it right meow. Everyone loves this movie.

Release date: November 22, 1995. I was 11 and pretty sure I remember seeing this with my grandma and sisters.

Plot in one sentence or so: Boy’s childhood toys that come to life when humans aren’t around feel their “lives” threatened by the presence of new toys from a birthday party, including one in particular who doesn’t realize he is a toy. There’s also a punk neighbor kid. He will haunt your dreams.

Fun facts: First big Pixar film! Spawned two more films and a ride at Disneyland which is totally worth the time waiting to get on it.

Celebrity Voices: This is the first movie I can remember where celebrity voices really started becoming a thing. I was elbow-deep in my Home Improvement obsession, so obviously excited to hear that Tim the Tool Man Taylor was in this movie, as well as the guy who danced on a piano in “Big.”

such a great quote.
such a great quote.

Thank you Buzzfeed, for this fun fact: for the original Toy Story, Tom Hanks recorded his dialog during the breaks of Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and A League of Their Own (1992). He didn’t want to record his dialog during the breaks of Philadelphia (1993) or Forrest Gump (1994) because he felt he shouldn’t do comedic roles in between minutes of playing serious roles.

So we got Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and some other random people that you listen to and go “who was that guy?” don’t bother with (aka “the place I go to solve arguments”) because I got you covered here.

The Sicilian best known for saying “inconceivable” a lot and getting set up on a date with another nerdy teacher in “Clueless” (these are my generation’s references, anyway) plays the anxiety-ridden dinosaur who can never quite get things right.

jackie and andy's mom
you can hear and see it now, can’t you?

Also Jackie from “Roseanne” plays Andy’s mom,.

And “that guy from Cheers” plays the pig.

guy from cheers in toy story
this guy!

Noticeably absent – an ipad or television or any technology in the child’s bedroom. You can see a VCR in the living room.

And IS there a Father Figure? Is Andy raised by a single mom? I like that by the third movie, it’s obvious he is, but it doesn’t inform his character or backstory or thrown in as a “tragic past” kind of thing – it’s just normal life.

Romance: eh, kind of. Woody and Bo Peep make out a little at the end and it is apparently pretty powerful for the characters, but nothing you’d have to cover little people eyes for.

how awesome would these be at a party?!
how awesome would these be at a party?!


  • “There’s a snake in my boots!”
  • “To infinity, and beyond!” – I’ve said this at least a million times in my life.
  • “ooooohhhhh….the claaaaaaaw!”

Adult humor – “I’m Picasso,” says Mr. Potato. Jokes about fossil fuels for energy.

this guy.
this guy.

Fav characters: Dinosaur who isn’t scary and is dealing with anxiety (voiced by the Sicilian from “The Princess Bride.” Inconceivable!). Sassy piggy bank. A Mr. Potato Head prone to mafia tactics.

Your fav is problematic: Woody can read? Tiny pubic hair beard on Buzz Lightyear.

Themes: jealousy, friendship, identity.

Things fun to see: Operation, troll dolls, Mr. Potato Head, Etch-a-Sketch, an 8-ball, Dinoco gas stations (from the midwest) advertising the gas at 1.29 a gallon, Buzz using the Vulcan signal to say goodbye, Battleship. Lava lamp.

Time Span: One week in the 1990s.

Scary parts: The freaky cannibalistic toys. Creepy interrogation scene.

Bingo/Drinking Game Terms:

  • Star Trek reference (Vulcan goodbye)
  • Star Wars reference (“Where are your rebel friends now?!”)
  • Poltergeist reference (turning head 360 degrees)
  • “star command”
  • Buzz uses his laser
  • a headless toy appears
  • a Pez dispenser
  • “Hakuna Matata” playing in car
  • Potato head loses a part
  • Candyland
  • “Mrs. Nesbitt”
  • Appearance by Andy’s mom
  • “the claaaaw”
  • Sid blows up a toy
  • Pizza Planet
  • classic game is played (checkers, Battleship, Etch-a-Sketch)
  • Scud appears
  • hockey puck’s one scene
  • Lava lamp
  • Little sister appears
  • troll doll
  • “friend”
  • Froot Loops
  • “To inifinity…and beyond!” (put twice)
  • don’t forget your free space!

Last line: “A puppy!”

Things to watch out for: “Idiot,” “shut up.” We weren’t allowed to say those words when we were growing up!!! That was the “s-word.”

this is also epic
this is also epic

Halloween Costume Potential: HUGE. MUST DO. As a family, would be so cute. Click here for ideas.

Official rating: 11 out of 10.


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