Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 10.03.09 PM
From one of my many investigatory trips to Disneyland.

Whether you’re a parent wanting to remember some classic films from your childhood to share with your own kids because you’ll smash something expensive if you watch “Frozen” one more time, babysitting your nieces/nephews, a teacher with outdated film references, having a throw-back Thursday moment or a somewhat creepy adult slumber party with a Disney film theme, or a pretend adult like me who simply loves discussing kids’ films, this is the site for you.

My friends and I and some occasional special guests will review films (send us requests!) and remind you why they’re good. What’s that awesome song from this one? Where’s the Pixar Easter egg? What are the celebrity voices here? I also like to reference generational things, point to good Halloween costume ideas, AND there’s even a section at the end of each review with words you can use for a BINGO game (or drinking game, if you’re so inclined).

On this site, you’ll also find some opinions under the “your fav is problematic” sections, and I encourage you to offer feedback.


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